Week 4

I think that in today’s times teachers are very lucky in a few ways. We are blessed with the power of technology and social media. Of course, there are cons to these things, but there are huge perks to integrating these tools into our classrooms/ careers. A great tool in history classrooms or any classroom at that is social media. There are several platforms that can be used like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more. I think the one that is underrated is twitter. Twitter can be used for so many things in the classroom and out. One example is using in class for an activity. Students can follow hashtags and history-based profiles to research, or they can create their own profiles for a project. There are endless amounts of information on these apps though so they must be used wisely in the classroom. My advice would be to guide the students through their twitter research and provide them with pages and hashtags that would be a good start for their project. This is a good example of using things that students like and relating them to history.

Another great way that Twitter can be utilized is as a tool for educators. I know for me personally, I am always trying to find people that I can relate to online especially when it comes to my career. Seeing their successes and struggles makes me feel like I am not alone in this. Twitter is a great way to do this. Jennifer Swartz in her article “Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Twitter for Educators” gives great examples of how educators can use Twitter for their advantage such as professional development, best practices for teaching, and just motivation to become a better teacher. There are so many incredible educators around the world and I feel so lucky that we have Twitter as a platform to be able to share success stories and learn from others. Using something as simple as #historyteacher can instantly connect us with others who share our same passion and want to root us on. Twitter is not just a tool we can use for our students but something we can use to benefit us as well.

2 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. I think it is important if the teacher guides the students through Twitter, because it is easy to get distracted on other things that is not beneficial. Using hashtags is a great idea for students to follow along with live tweeting. Having a balance with the teachers will help students figure out how to research while using apps students enjoy.


  2. When I was taking one of my history classes in high school, my teacher created a project for us to complete over a two week period where we followed a hashtag. After completing different tasks, we would take a picture or other documentation and tweet, along with the class hashtag for the project. I must say it turned out to be a really fun and enjoyable project, and I definitely will carry it with me as an idea for my classroom.


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